HT Fabric Softener



An additive used for a softer feel in the finished print. A softer print is required due to a fabric’s own delicate nature and thus adding a Fabric Softener helps. A Fabric Softener can also be used along with Hydrotech Synthetic Fixer or Hydrotech Cold Cure Additive, as these additives have a tendency to harden the feelof a print.

BENEFITS: It gives a softer feel to any print made form the Hydroech Product Range, Fabric Softener is beneficial when printing on fine fabrics and it counters the stiffening effect when using Synthetic Fixer or Cold Cure Additive,

CURING: The use of Hydrotech Fabric Softener does not change the curing time or temperature cycle for Hydrotech Print Pastes or Hydrotech Fabric Printing Colours.

ADDITIONS: Hydrotech Fabric Softener requires only small additions in order to achieve its beneficial properties in cured prints. Generally, additions of one to two per cent aresufficient to achieve softness in the cured print. When using Synthetic Fixer or Cold Cure Additive, additions of Fabric Softener should be roughly half that of the Synthetic Fixer or Cold Cure Additive. Always test printing prior to starting a print run.

IMPORTANT: Prior to attempting any print run, tests are recommended for adhesion, wash, dry-clean and rub resistance.

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500ML, 1L


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