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Fixer: Is an additive for Print Pastes or Fabric Colours which markedly improves adhesion to substrates which under normal conditions would have poor adhesive properties. Synthetic Fixer is most useful in applications over synthetic materials such as poly/cotton blends, polyester or acrylic fibres.

Benefits: Improves adhesion to poly/cotton blend fabrics as well as 100% synthetic materials.Synthetic Fixer also improves the rub resistance of cured prints along with the washabiiity.

Curing: It is important to ensure that the recommended curing times for Print Pastes and Fabric Colours are followed.

ADDITIONS: Additions of Synthetic Fixer required may vary according to the type of fabric and the ratio of synthetic/fibre. Starting point additions are from one to three percent (by Volume). The greater the proportion of synthetic in the fabric, the larger the amount of Synthetic Fixer required.Poly/cotton blend(50%) l%(10ml in 1 Itr) Polyester (100%) 3% (30ml in I Itr)

CAUTION: If the addition of Synthetic Fixer to Hydrotech products results in prints feeling harder to any touch It can be countered with the addition of Hydrotech Fabric Softener at a rate of approximately one to two percent by volume,

IMPORTANT: Prior to attempting any print run, a test experiment is recommended in order to test for adhesion, wash, dry-clean and rub resistance.

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500ML, 1L


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